At Simply Sonoma, we strive to create the best organically-grown medicinal products.

We’re creating unique medicinal hemp strains that are alternatives and supplements to traditional, chemically manufactured therapies.  We believe in all-natural, organically sun-grown, plant-based medicinals.  We provide consumers with science-based education on CBD for disease and lifestyle needs.

In commitment to minimizing our carbon footprint, we are powering our operations off the grid with solar.


Simply Sonoma strives to deliver plant-based, broad-spectrum CBD products for therapeutic applications from a scientific perspective. Our products are derived from a farm rather than from a lab, with the goal of achieving fewer side effects and more efficacy for patients. We believe in published, science-based trials and research with regards to our CBD creations.

Our plants are grown organically in Sonoma County’s wine country, where sustainable farming practices are employed throughout the growing process. Solar energy helps us to operate with a minimal carbon footprint.

Simply Sonoma’s dynamic team consists of seasoned professionals from a combination of industries. Their broad experience stems from the Biotech industry, grape and hemp cultivation, IT Operations & Communications, as well as Executive positions in the Healthcare sector.  This unique combination of experience places them well in the CBD space to dominate with their wellness and lifestyle products. They are focused on being a leader in the industry for plant-based, organic medicinal health & beauty products and partnering with like-minded companies to produce top-notch products.



$35 billion sleep aid market


$50 billion gut and probiotic health market


$100 billion inflammation market



  • Face cream
  • Gummies (vegan and non-vegan)
  • Skin Cream – moisturizers, face and beauty products
  • Joint/pain cream
  • Soft gel caps for sleep
  • Non alcoholic wines
  • Juice products
  • Clean, organic ingredients
  • Solar first, as close to zero Co2 emissions as possible
  • Healthy medicinals & beauty products for the environmentally-conscious consumer
  • Strategic partnerships with like-minded companies
  • Consumer support & education

We have contracted with Sonoma Biologics, a premium hemp cultivator, to grow our medicinal strains. With access to some of the best grapes in the world, we are formulating Sonoma County grape products to be infused with CBD. Our grapes come from an agreement we have with a vineyard in the Russian River Valley viticultural region in Sonoma. We’ve created an antioxidant, alcohol free, CBD wine product, as well as low carb, low sugar Pinot Noir/CBD sparkling product and much more.

We’re professional grade and proud of our advisors.  We work with a group of MD’s and researchers that advise us on sleep applications, inflammation therapy, PTSD, and other medical indications for CBD products.


Margaret Caracciolo


Margaret has spent most of her career in Biotechnology, in the areas of clinical research and financials.  She has worked for several notable biotechnology companies in Silicon Valley including Heartport, an innovator of heart therapies. She spent time at Aviron, supporting the development of the innovative Flumist product (nasal flu inoculation), and Genitope, which created personal gene therapies. 

More recently, Margaret has spent the last 10 years co-managing the family’s farm/vineyard and growing the wine business in Sonoma County.  This includes creating wines and other products from the farm’s organic gardens.

At Simply Sonoma, Margaret is focused on the orchestration, identification, and development of the company’s product portfolio and markets nationally.

Angela Miller

Vice President Of Operations

Angela has extensive experience in cross line-of-business, global project management, and analysis from inception to post-go-live.  Angela spent more than 20 years working in IT, between Oracle Corp and Sun Microsystems, Inc., where she obtained expertise in global products,  team building, troubleshooting, and customer relations/satisfaction.

Prior career highlights include 7 years with Schwinn Cycling & Fitness, doing everything in the Fitness Division from project management to marketing and public relations. She also has numerous years of experience in people management, training, and coaching, where she developed a proven track record of leadership. 

Ms. Miller has responsibility for Simply Sonoma’s product operations and logistics, as well as investor relations and communications.

Paul Caracciolo

Chief Science Officer

After completing a degree in Earth Sciences as well as Master’s course work at the University of Colorado in Biochemistry, Paul started his career in Biotechnology, developing human biopharmaceuticals for a company that was acquired by Amgen. Paul’s efforts supported the development of multiple commercial Biotech products with sales of billions of dollars (including autoimmune products for arthritis and inflammation).

Paul held the position of Chief Technology Officer for Aviron, the company that invented Flumist (the nasal flu inoculation). Paul has spent his entire career in healthcare and has held Chief Technology Officer positions at numerous hospital and clinic systems, such as Dignity Health’s 42 hospitals, Duke University Health System, and  Stanford’s hospitals and clinics.

"In a CBD market becoming ever more crowded, Simply Sonoma is preparing to launch a line of CBD products that is truly distinctive"


  • Does the company have a widespread strategy?

    Simply Sonoma’s business strategy is to grow aggressively by pursuing meaningful partnerships with existing like-minded companies, educating consumers on our product efficacy and how to use CBD products for the absolute best results.

  • Will I get high using your CBD products?

    No.  Simply Sonoma’s CBD products will contain < .3% of THC, the ingredient that causes you to get high.

  • Is CBD legal in all States?

    CBD is legal in all 50 States since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018.

  • What makes your CBD product different from the various others on the market?

    Simply Sonoma has partnered with Sonoma Biologics who has done considerable research world-wide on the Scientific nature of hemp/cannabis and have come up with unique proprietary strains to grow specifically for us.  Additionally, the company is working with Organic Vineyards, for use in our non-alcoholic drinks.  All companies are environmentally conscious, solar first, organic-equivalent.  Our product appeal is anticipated to be broad as we are producing beverages, gel caps, creams, gummies and others, offering a wide array of consumer choices.

  • What does your product line consist of?

    Simply Sonoma is focused on healthy medicinals as well as organic beauty products.  Our product line will consist of the following, with additions made per consumer demand:

    • CBD Face cream
    • Gummies (vegan and non-vegan)
    • CBD Skin Cream – moisturizers, face and beauty products
    • Joint/pain cream
    • Soft gel caps for sleep support
    • Non alcohol CBD wine beverages
    • CBD infused Juice products

    Our product appeal is anticipated to be broad as we are producing beverages, gel caps, creams, gummies and others, offering a wide array of consumer choices.


    Have questions? Reach out to the Simply Sonoma investor relations team.



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